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14th October 2023 - Speed Supervision

This CPD is a little bit different to anything else. Part of our Advanced Diploma in Clinical Supervision involves an opportunity to work with a range of supervisees and we are always looking for participants to take part in this incredibly valuable learning experience. Everyone gains something and feedback is always fabulous.
As a participant on this event, you will be able to bring an aspect of your client work to explore with a number of supervisors.
Even better - there is no charge to attend this event.

sted? Click here to reserve your space. 

9 December 2023 - Sex in the Therapy Room

Most therapists can remember their first time … that sex came into the therapy room. Maybe our client was attracted to us. Maybe we were attracted to our client. Maybe we were unprepared for this advancement in the relationship. Maybe we heard things from our client that had never been in our awareness before. Maybe we heard something about our client that is now playing with our phantasy of them. Maybe, maybe, maybe …

For more information click here to download the flyer

sted? Click here to reserve your space.

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